Were on a mission to #BringBackTrades

We're on a mission to Reform high school education, and give kids the freedom to choose their path. To govern society to stop ostracizing kids who either do not want to, shouldn't, or can't go to college.  

"Some careers require college and I get that, but most do not, and we need to stop ostracizing kids who either do not want to, shouldn't, or can't go to college. " - Jen Silver

  • Community Involvement

    We support high school educators by providing them with information for trade specific opportunities, scholarships, and connections to local trade business, to enable them to educate and create a path and a plan for their students who choose to pursue a career in trades and not go to college. It's ok for trades to be someone's plan A!

  • Mindset

    We know that we must shift the way that society views those who choose a career path that does not involve pursuing a 4 year college degree.  “Bring Back Trades” is designed to challenge the current ideology “in order to be someone, you must have a degree” as it ostracizes those who can not, do not want to, or should not go to college.

  • Education

    We believe in providing low cost, alternative education settings to kids, and people in general, who want to pursue a long term career in trades. Assuming life altering debt, with student loans when not required, is something we are passionate about alleviating for kids who do not want to be a doctor, attorney, engineer, etc.  We are not anti-college, and know that some career paths require a 4 year degree, but we also understand that most do not.  All kids need a plan, but not all kids need a degree. 

Educational Assemblies

Partnering with Trade Businesses to educate high school students on the approach of going into trades without the need of costly student loans and college degrees greatly impacts the minds of the younger generation.

The days of lengthy resumes to make a good living are gone. Empowering students to understand this takes a community of trade entreprenures who want to get involved and become part of the solution.

Get invoved in your community!