Meet The Founders

  • Jen Silver

    As a mom, successful entrepreneur, and non college graduate, I despise the way society pushes the narrative that all kids need to go to college.  I have a genuine fear of what the future could look like if we do not shift ideologies around education.  It starts as soon as they enter kindergarten, programming self limiting beliefs for some, who frankly aren’t meant to go to college.  We should be teaching our youth that every kid needs a plan, some of those plans will require a college degree and some will not.  Their self worth and view of their contribution to society should not be linked to a piece of paper, but linked to them pursuing their path and achieving their goals whatever they choose them to be.  

    We, society as a collective, have an entire generation (millennials) that were pushed towards college and are working in jobs that don’t require a college degree, yet still consumed with debt.  We created a false reality and entitlement that the degree would give them the worth and ability they needeed to be “somebody”, and we didn’t teach them how to work for what they want and set and achieve goals.  Frankly, we didn’t teach them how to be successful contributing adults when we should have, in high school.  

    We have lost sight of allowing our youth to be whoever they want to be, and forced the false narrative that there is only one path to wealth and success.  Trades are viewed as less than, and the way to go when you don’t have any other options.  We must acknowledge that trades are what make society function, they are just as needed and valued as doctors.  They are not a last resort, Trades are an equal, just different path to consider for kids as they learn to navigate their own way in life.   Parents should be proud of whatever plan or path their kids choose, and no child should be ostracized for choosing a path that does not require a degree.  

    I will be loud, I will piss people off, and I will be the voice for all of those who are proud to be in trades, want to be in trades, or who are advocates of kids being free to feel empowered by their career choices regardless of the path they choose.

  • Chad Enger

    “You can be anything you want to be as long as you put your mind to it” I was told this over and over again during my youth. I believe it with every fiber of my being. This is what led me to become an entrepreneur in Trades. I co-founded a construction company with my best friend from childhood. He didn't graduate high school and has never taken exams to get his GED. Together we have successfully grown our business to become one of the top businesses in our industry, and where the median age of our employees is 25. In fact most of our employees have no college experience whatsoever. We believe that if you have a good head on your shoulders, are willing to learn, and want to become part of something where anyone can be successful, You can! 

    I have seen too many friends go to college, and come out heavily in debt and still unable to make a decent living. Swimming in a society where they were taught that to be successful, college was the path you must take. I'm not against college, I just believe that raising awareness to take another path is crucial to the workforce we need as a society. 

    My goal with Bring Back Trades is to provide education to the youth around “Trades as a Plan A” and that it's ok to take an alternative path to success. Especially if that path may set your future up for you and your future family. 

    I was never a 4.0 student in high school, but I knew I had potential to become whoever I wanted to be as long as I put my mind to it. I believe this can be achieved by goal setting and being optimistic in everything you do. I call this Untapped Potential, Which is a combination of believing in yourself and putting steps forward to achieving your goals, even when society says otherwise. Stop viewing yourself as a Pawn and start viewing yourself as a king! I will be releasing this mindset in a book I am writing called “untapped potential.” I hope to someday be able to inspire others with this book and by speaking to youth about the unimaginable achievements that can be unlocked if you believe in yourself to do so.

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    Describe this team member's expertise and unique skills. Consider adding an image to your column to represent this team member.